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Iwould like to inform Mr. Scott that diamond supplier has confirmed adelay in supplying the window shipment as expected. The sales managerat Diamond window supplier said that the shipment had been held bythe customs. The officers at the customs office said that thedocumentation was incomplete but today morning they had send someoneto solve the issue and that we should expect it tomorrow. Despite afew instances where the shipments were delayed by more than a day,Diamond Clear Window has been a reliable supplier. They have alsobeen shipping their orders as quickly as possible and on time. Luciacommunicated the delay this morning and said that she tried to reachyou to confirm the same but could not get through to you. Lucia isoff to a business meeting and will probably come back late in theafternoon. A scheduling issue has arisen in the office because thedelay in shipment means that we only have materials that can be usedto begin only one of the jobs scheduled for the week.

Beforeleaving for her meeting, Lucia suggested that we should begin withthe Herbert Street job. This is because it is occurring this weekendand requires at least two days completing. The other corporate job islikely to take two to three weeks to complete and hence the shipmentwill have arrived and they can work extra hours to compensate for thelost time. Kindly advice whether the situation above is wellunderstood. Also advice if you have any concerns about Lucia`s planand whether you have any other alternative. Please confirm that youhave received this message and get back to me right away.

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